About the PGO


What’s the Pennsylvania Golf Course Owners Association? Well, we’re made up of over 200 tax-paying golf clubs from around the Commonwealth. Some even call us the “9-iron of non-profits” – always there for you, with lots of different uses. You may know us from our Golf Passport, the best way to explore PA golf country for less.

We also protect and preserve the environment, advocate for golf in the legislature and create a more economic vitality for the whole golfing industry. Golf as family recreation is also very important to us, so we support several junior golf programs all over the state.

Pure and simple, we believe in great golf. After all, this is Pennsylvania.

To learn more about our association, corporate sponsorship opportunities and to become a member, please contact us at:
(800) 872-1483 (PGO-West)
(800) 872-1483 or (484) 437-1061 (PGO-East)